Getting yourself acquainted with Mina Protocol, the world’s lightest blockchain, should come easy. If asked by any random person what really is Mina Protocol or any specific question, Googling such questions would easily be the first thing that comes to mind. In this piece, you’ll find a list of Mina resources from Technical to Economic Paper, Mina compatible wallet, how to stake MINA and much more.

List of MINA compatible wallets

The first wallet on this list is the Clorio wallet by Westake.Club. Clorio wallet is a Mina Protocol wallet with an intuitive interface that makes it easy and convenient to store and use MINA tokens. Built with Javascript and open-sourced, Clorio is your gateway to staking on the Mina protocol.
Another MINA compatible wallet is Mina Ledger by Westake.Club.
Asides from these, you could also install a Mina node that automatically comes with a wallet. However, for ease, this is not entirely an intuitive wallet for you to interact with MINA tokens, especially if you are not a technical person.

How to stake MINA

There are two ways to stake MINA:

  • become a validator and self-stake the tokens
  • delegate your tokens to active validators

The first option would require professional equipment and it’s suggested only if you intend to pursue a validator career.
The delegation action is designed for small and medium-bag token holders, that would like to benefit from staking and compounding with very limited efforts.  Delegating your MINA token comes with absolutely minimized risks, as you control your funds and delegate your tokens in a non-custodial way without any presence of slashing risks.

Mina Validators

Big names in blockchain staking and validator services have thrown their weight behind Mina Protocol as Block Producers. Multi-chain validators include CoinList, Figment, Chorus One, P2P Validator, Stakin, and many more.
Some community validators selected as Genesis Founding Members are Carbonara, Mina Explorer, StakeTab, Openbitlab. A complete list of validators is available here.
Some node operators participate in the Mina Seed Peer Providers Program, assisting new nodes in finding peers.

How to buy MINA

MINA tokens can be traded on many exchanges against USD, EUR, GBP, BTC. A comprehensive list of markets, with a brief due diligence, is available here.

Mina documentation

Mina Protocol has a library of documentation that provides an easy-to-understand guide for the world’s lightest blockchain. Below are some of the most important documentation you can find:

Technical Paper

Mina technical paper explains a decentralized payment system that offers efficient verification of system history from genesis without relying on any external advice. It dives deep into how Mina is constructing a succinct blockchain for generic functionalities modeled as replicated state machines using incrementally computable SNARKs. The paper further explains how Mina is employing Ouroboros Samasika. This provably secure PoS consensus protocol is adaptively secure and offers bootstrap from genesis, and introduces the notion of a parallel scan state to improve transaction confirmation time beyond the limits otherwise imposed by the proof construction. If you’re looking to read a summary of the Mina Protocol’s technical paper, find it here

Economic Paper

Mina has also produced an economic lite paper detailing how the protocol attains consensus and the network actors: Verifiers, Block Producers, Snark Producers coordinate within the network and their incentives. Recursive zk-SNARKs enable constant-time correctness-verification of a historical ledger. Instead of each participant on the network verifying historical transactions for themselves, the network collaborates to generate proofs-of-correctness for transactions (zk-SNARKs) and then shares those around the network.

Mina Protocol investors

Think about the biggest names in the industry, and they are mostly Mina backers. From Coinbase Ventures to Aeternity, Dekrypt Capital, Dragonfly Capital, Fred Ehrsam, Polychain Capital, the complete list is available here. Mina Protocol equally has some of the industry’s finest contributors as technicians from Silicon Valley and other parts of the world.

Mina Social Community

Mina community has been growing super fast with heightened interest in what promises to be the lightest and ultra-fast blockchain. To join Mina’s community, access them here.

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