MINA is the native token for powering Mina Protocol – the world’s lightest blockchain. Mina Foundation designed MINA tokenomics to be up to 1 billion total supply at its initial distribution. At the earliest launch of Mina Protocol, only Genesis Founding Program members were allotted tokens based on their role in initiating the blockchain network’s block production process. This article shows you cryptocurrency exchange where to buy MINA.

However, exchanges are starting to list MINA after the successful token sale on CoinList cryptocurrency exchange that saw oversubscribed participants rush to get their hand on MINA. In four hours, MINA token sale raised $18.7 million, with just 12% of the 375,000 participants being able to get their hands on the MINA token. Mina Foundation made available 7.5% of MINA outstanding supply for the successful token sale in April.

Exchanges where to buy MINA

  1. CoinList: Being Mina Foundation’s official token sale partner, you can buy and trade your MINA token on CoinList. The exchange boasts of an incredibly easy-to-use interface and trades several token pairs. Community Sale tokens are unlocked on May 31, 2021, at an opening price of $0.25 per MINA. CoinList’s infrastructure has supported over $400 million in investments for over 30 token sale projects since August 2017. Some of the top projects that have run token sales on CoinList include Filecoin, Origin, Props, and Blockstack.  US, Canada are unsupported jurisdictions for trading MINA.
  2. Kraken: One of the top five global exchanges has announced support for deposit and trading the MINA token. The US-based exchange facilitates more than a billion-dollar daily volume trade with more than 6 million customers across 100 countries. Kraken is definitely a good place to buy and conveniently trade your MINA token anytime. Trading starts on June 1 at 00:00 UTC. Trading is not available to clients in US, CA, AU & JP.
  3. OKEx: this platform will list MINA at 00:30am UTC on June 1. MINA deposits opened at 2:30 pm UTC on May 31, while withdrawals will open at 10:00 am UTC on June 2. OKEx will limit users’ buying amounts after opening trading. The limit will be $5,000 within one hour after the opening; the limit will be increased to $10,000 after one hour; the limit will be increased to $20,000 after one hour and 30 minutes; and the limit will be lifted after 2 hours and 30 minutes. With the 2 platforms above, it can be flagged as a Tier-1 exchange.
  4. Gate.io: two pairs will be activated on June 1 at 10am UTC: MINA/ETH and MINA/USDT. The platform is ranked 4th by CoinGecko by Trust score, with $1 billion daily volume. A detailed analysis of the fee plan, usability, and design is available here.
  5. MXC: the exchange will be listing Mina Protocol (MINA) in the Assessment Zone and open trading for MINA/USDT trading pair.Deposits are already enabled, while withdrawal & trading will stat at 01:30 UTC on June 1. During the event, users with minimum net deposit worth 50 USDT of MINA can share 3,000 USDT prize pool. Prizes will be divided according to the proportion of the net deposit amount.
  6. Bilaxy: The Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange has announced support for MINA token trade. Launched in April 2018, Bilaxy is a centralized exchange that claims to have hundreds of thousands of traders from more than 80 countries all over the world. Bilaxy supports more than 150 crypto trading pairs and decent liquidity as displayed by Coinmarketcap. Reviews on Trustpilot alert users about this exchange.
  7. BitZ: You can trade MINA IOU on BitZ, a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange that started operations in 2016. BitZ traders have access to 160 markets and about 140 crypto trading pairs. 
  8. HitBTC: Undoubtedly one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges out there established in 2013, HitBTC announced support for MINA trading on May 28, 2021. Although it is one of the earliest known cryptocurrency exchanges that is still running, it is rated poorly by users according to reviews on Trustpilot. Traders are therefore advised to thread with caution if they choose to buy and trade their MINA on HitBTC.
  9. LBank: Chinese-based LBank is another cryptocurrency exchange that announced support for trading MINA token. However, traders can only trade the IOU of MINA token for now as it has not officially listed MINA on its exchange.

Once trading will be enabled in many exchanges, we expect to see stats updated on CoinGecko. Remember that MINA is not an ERC-20 token on Ethereum, but a cryptocurrency with its own blockchain!

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